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Cosmetology Consumer Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure Gainful Employment Disclosure 1600 Hours

1600 Clock Hours 11 months full time
21 months half time (for days)
Non-Refundable Application Fee $25.00
Registration Fee $125.00
Kit, Books, Shirts $1,920.00 (plus tax)
Tuition $20,690.00 ($12.93 per hour)
Total $22,320.00
* Transfer students will be assessed $15.00 per hour per program.
* Transfer rate does not apply to students using Veteran's Affairs benefits.
* Students who do not complete within their contracted hours will be assessed a fee of $15.00 per hour to complete.
All prices subject to change without notification.

2014/2015 Academic Year
Licensure Rate 99%
Placement Rate 80%
On Time Completion Rate 77%
Median Title IV Loan Debt $11,976
Median Private Loan Debt $0
Median Institutional Financing $0
Room and Board $0
State Board Examination Scores Practical 94%
Written 87%

School Codes
OPEID - 013232 (FASFA) Financial Aid Code
CIP (Classification Instructional Program)

12.0401, 12.0412, 12.0406, 12.0499, 12.0410, 12.0408, 12.0409, 12.0407

Related Occupations
  • Hairdresser, Hairstylist, Cosmetologist
  • Shampooer
  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Manicurist & Pedicurist
  • Makeup artist, (Theatrical and Performance)
  • Spa Director, Hair Salon Manager, Full Service Salon Manager

    Financial Aid Links
    FAFSA Application: www.fafsa.ed.gov (Must be completed before enrollment)
    Entrance and Exit Counseling: www.studentloans.gov (Entrance counseling must be completed by enrollment)
    Master Promissory Note: www.studentloans.gov (Must be completed by enrollment)

    Books Used
    (Edition 2012)
    Milady Standard Cosmetology – Text ISBN: 9781439059302
    Milady Standard Cosmetology – Study Guide ISBN: 9781439059241
    Milady Standard Cosmetology – Exam Review ISBN: 9781439059210
    Milady Standard Cosmetology – Student CD-ROM ISBN: 9781439059197

    Nevada Law Book Published March 2014 by the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology

    2014 Placement Statistics
    60 Cosmetology students graduated in 2014
    47 Cosmetology grads were verified as employed in their related field
    *1 Cosmetology grad was unaccounted for/unable to contact
    2 Cosmetology grads were unlicensed therefore ineligible for employment in their related field
    1 Cosmetology grad is an active military wife and relocated therefore ineligible
    3 Cosmetology grads relocated to another state and not licensed in new state
    1 Cosmetology grad was licensed however unavailable for employment by choice
    5 Cosmetology grads are working in unrelated fields
    Overall placement rate reported for 2014 Cosmetology graduates was 80%

    Gainful Employment Disclosure
    Click here to read the Cosmetology Gainful Employment Disclosure