December 18, 2023

Student Spotlight: Zoe Bivens

student spotlight

Embarking on a career in the beauty industry can be a transformative journey filled with passion, dedication, and continuous learning. Today, we shine the spotlight on Zoe Bivens, a talented individual whose journey at Academy of Hair Design (AHD) has been nothing short of inspiring. Let’s delve into Zoe’s experiences, challenges, and triumphs as she pursues her dreams in the dynamic world of beauty.

Inspiration and Career Transition:

Zoe shares, “In 2017, I obtained my Laser License and have since dedicated six years to working on the Aesthetic side of the beauty industry.” However, when faced with licensing changes in Nevada, Zoe made a bold decision to transition careers. Reflecting on this, she expresses, “My fascination with all things related to hair and beauty has been a constant passion of mine!”

Choosing Academy of Hair Design:

A pivotal decision in any beauty professional’s journey is the choice of an educational institution. Zoe recounts a moment of excitement and certainty after touring AHD with Mr. Chris. Describing the experience, Zoe notes, “His tour really showed me that this school provides hands-on teaching for hair, skin, and nail care, leaving me with a big smile and the certainty that the Academy of Hair Design was the ideal choice for me.”

Memorable Moments and Valuable Lessons:

A journey at AHD is not just about learning techniques; it’s about gaining insights that shape a professional’s approach. Zoe shares a memorable lesson about the importance of communication with clients. She emphasizes, “Witnessing the smiles on clients’ faces at the end of their appointments brings me so much joy!”

Instructors and Program Support:

Zoe acknowledges the instrumental role of her instructors in both the freshman room and on the clinic floor. The instructors at AHD go above and beyond, providing not just knowledge but also dedicated support. Recalling her experience, Zoe states, “Their dedication, excitement for all their students, and support goes above and beyond.”

Passion for Hair Coloring:

Among the diverse areas of beauty, Zoe expresses a keen interest in hair coloring. The infinite possibilities of creating unique formulas have captivated their fascination. This passion sets the stage for Zoe’s specialization within the field.

Overcoming Challenges:

Facing challenges head-on is part of the learning process. Zoe shares a nerve-wracking experience with a balayage service and credits Ms. Lori Anne for guiding her through the hand-painting technique. The result was not only a beautiful outcome but also a newfound confidence in mastering techniques crucial for her future career. Zoe reflects, “Ms. Lori Anne’s encouragement and guidance helped me overcome my apprehension, and she taught me a technique that I aspire to use in my career moving forward!”

Distinctive Qualities of AHD:

What sets AHD apart from other beauty schools? According to Zoe, it’s the willingness of teachers to address students’ questions. AHD fosters an environment where instructors not only provide answers but also take the time to demonstrate and ensure students truly understand. Zoe emphasizes, “When I have a question, my instructors don’t just tell me the answer, they take time to actually show me how or why and then will have me reiterate what I learned back to them.”

Advice for Prospective Students:

Zoe offers valuable advice to prospective students: ask all the questions you have. Instructors at AHD are dedicated to their students’ success and learning journey. Patience and self-compassion are key elements in navigating the challenges of beauty education. As Zoe wisely advises, “Don’t be too hard on yourself and be patient with yourself!”

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals:

Zoe outlines her aspirations, aiming to assist after graduation and obtaining certification in hair extensions in the short term. Looking ahead, her long-term goal involves building a satisfied clientele and eventually owning a fully functioning salon.

Pride in Achievements:

Despite being self-critical, Zoe finds unparalleled joy in witnessing clients leave with smiles. The satisfaction and happiness of clients become the ultimate reward, reinforcing Zoe’s passion for cosmetology. Zoe shares, “The joy I experience is unparalleled when a client leaves with a smile after their appointment because that’s what cosmetology is all about for me.”

Embracing the Future of the Beauty Industry:

Zoe envisions staying ahead of industry trends and exploring the social media side of cosmetology. With a desire to share knowledge through platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Zoe aims to contribute to the evolving landscape of the beauty industry. As Zoe puts it, “I have found so many helpful TikToks and YouTube videos, and I would love to start posting videos to help others as well!”

We Can’t Wait To Watch Her Shine!

Zoe’s journey at the Academy of Hair Design exemplifies the transformative power of passion, dedication, and quality education. As she navigates the dynamic world of beauty, Zoe not only overcomes challenges but also finds joy and fulfillment in the art of cosmetology. We can’t wait to watch her shine in the beauty industry!

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